Dead Ringers is a biweekly podcast covering horror movie double features that share similar DNA, yet still have distinct personalities. Hosted and produced by Nolan McBride and featuring a rotating cast of co-hosts, each episode is a discussion exploring two horror movies individually before delving into the ways in which the two comment on one another through the convergence or divergence of their ideas or execution.

Dead Ringers double features share similar concepts, premises, and/or elements (e.g. plot beats, narrative structure, major twists, themes, subgenre, style, source material) while still bringing something unique to the horror genre. They’re movies that grow from the same seed but produce different results, movies that are in conversation with each other whether intentionally or unintentionally. Sometimes pairings reveal one movie’s influence on another, and at other times they reflect filmmakers hitting upon similar ideas simultaneously. We’ll also explore some remakes — which, when done right, are movies that execute existing ideas in brand new ways.

Ultimately, Dead Ringers is a celebration of horror films. We hope listeners will end each episode with a renewed appreciation for the movies discussed or the desire to seek out those films they’ve yet to experience.

Current Roster of Co-Hosts:

Ben McBride – Co-Host of The FilmShip Podcast (f.k.a. The Monster Popcorn Podcast), Writer and Manager of monsterpopcorn.com, Filmmaker, Comic Creator

Emily von Seele (a.k.a. Horrorella) – Contributing Writer for Bitch Flicks and Women in Horror Annual, Writer and Manager of horrorella.com

Paul Farrell – Contributor for TheScreamCast.com, Writer and Manager of Paul’s Spooky Blog

Kat Adams – Writer, Narrative Nerd, Gamer

Philip Yount – Graphic Designer, Video Game and Metal Nerd, Cthulhu Mythos Enthusiast

Thomas Foster – Metal Head, Gaymer, Nail Biter

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