[Fantastic Fest] Interview: Director Maria Pulera on BETWEEN WORLDS

By: Nolan McBride

Maria Pulera

Between Worlds is a new supernatural thriller about a trucker named Joe (Nicolas Cage) who falls in with Julie (Franka Potente), a single mother with the ability to send her spirit between the world of the living and the dead. Following an accident, Julie tries to pull her daughter Billie (Penelope Mitchell) from a coma using her abilities, but something (or someone else) intervenes, resulting in a very different Billie waking up and an unexpected love triangle. I don’t want to spoil the plot any further, but the movie only gets weirder from there.

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Dead Ringers Bonus Episode: Interview with Phil Nobile Jr. of FANGORIA


On a very special bonus episode, Nolan is joined by Ben McBridePaul Farrell, and Emily von Seele to chat with Phil Nobile Jr., Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director of Fangoria magazine. The group discusses Phil’s initiation into the world of horror, his personal history with the magazine, and what he has in store for the future of the recently resurrected Fangoria.

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Dead Ringers Bonus Episode: Knoxville Horror Film Fest Interview


On a very special bonus episode, Nolan is joined by William Mahaffey, Festival Director of the upcoming Knoxville Horror Film Fest, which is running from Friday, October 20th through Sunday, October 22nd at the Regal Downtown West Cinema 8 in Knoxville, Tennessee (tickets available here). We discuss what goes into putting on a film festival and what makes KHFF unique, as well as detailing the festival’s impressive lineup of feature films. For more details on the festival, visit knoxvillehorrorfest.com.

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