[Review] MAURY THE MISERABLE VAMPIRE: A Children’s Book for Horror Nerds Everywhere

By: Emily von Seele


I don’t usually review books, but, like the titular character of today’s topic, I’m going to try something a little different. Maury the Miserable Vampire is a children’s book that I wish had been around during my childhood. When I was a kid, horror-themed children’s entertainment wasn’t easy to come by — especially during the 11 months out of the year that didn’t revolve around Halloween. The closest I got to a book like this when I was young was probably the Bunnicula series, but even that (while rad) was for an older audience. In a market fully dominated by Pokey Little Puppy and whatever that thing in the Little Critter books was, there was a definite gap when it came to vampires, werewolves, and the supernatural.

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Dead Ringers Episode 19: THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH (1956) + THE EVIL EYE

Nolan is joined by Paul Farrell and Thomas Foster, as well as special guests Zack Long and Chris Vander Kaay from Scriptophobic, to discuss Alfred Hitchcock’s The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956) and Mario Bava’s The Evil Eye (1963). The group shares recent horror discoveries and rewatches before witnessing a murder in a foreign land and getting caught up in a web of assassination and alphabetical murder plots.

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The Dangers of Life Online in UNFRIENDED (2015)

By: Nolan McBride

Unfriended 1

When Unfriended arrived in 2015,  the found footage subgenre was already on the decline, having saturated the market for the previous five or six years following the success of movies like Paranormal Activity. The format, it seemed, was wearing thin, prone to being too formulaic and one-note (though, to this day, I’ll still give most of them a shot). The movie reviewed well and grossed a ton of money relative to its meager budget ($1 million), but it seemed to exit the conversation just as quickly as it had arrived.

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Contest: Win THE ENDLESS on Blu-ray

The Endless

We’re only halfway through 2018 and it’s already turning out to be another great year for genre film. Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead are some of the most exciting voices currently working in the genre and, between Resolution and Spring, they’ve shown both a reverence for horror/sci-fi and a desire to push their work into unexpected and decidedly humanistic territory. Their newest feature, The Endless, combines UFO death cults and cosmic horror with the story of two brothers seeking closure on their mysterious upbringing, making for an emotionally resonant movie that will also mess with your head.

To celebrate its release on Blu-ray, we’re giving two (2) Dead Ringers listeners a chance to score a copy of the film.

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