Dead Ringers Episode 50: WIND CHILL + SCARE ME

Nolan is joined by Ben McBride and Paul Farrell — as well as special guest Daniel Wheatfall from 3-2-1 Dad and Filmship — to discuss Gregory Jacobs’ Wind Chill (2007) and Josh Ruben’s Scare Me (2020). The crew catch up on new discoveries, rewatches, and recent releases before getting stranded in the snow and forced to contend with the charged tension among their band of traveling podcasters.

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Dead Ringers Episode 48: MONKEY SHINES + UPGRADE

Nolan is joined by Paul Farrell, Ben McBride, and Philip Yount to discuss George A. Romero’s Monkey Shines (1988) and Leigh Whannell’s Upgrade (2018). The crew catch up on new discoveries, rewatches, and recent releases — including a lengthy review of David Gordon Green’s Halloween Kills (2021) (Spoilers from 22:00 – 44:00) — before undergoing experimental treatments to extend their consciousnesses with disastrous results.

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[Fantasia Fest 2021] ALIEN ON STAGE Review: A Heartfelt Journey from the Little League to the Big Time

By: Emily von Seele

Alien On Stage

There is insurmountable joy to be found in stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. They don’t have to be earth-shattering, heroic deeds. Sometimes they are small and sometimes they are what the outside world might call “silly.” But to the people doing them, they are everything. A mountain that has been scaled. A monster that has been defeated. Sometimes just having a dream and seeing it brought to fruition can be the most exciting feeling of one’s life. And for those of us who get to watch, it is so thrilling to experience this high vicariously.

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