Dead Ringers Episode 30: GODZILLA (1954) + SHIN GODZILLA

Nolan is joined by Philip Yount and Thomas Foster — as well as special guests Ben Christian and Zach Kindron (from the Silver Screen Breakdown podcast) — to discuss Ishirô Honda’s Godzilla (1954) and Hideaki Anno & Shinji Higuchi’s Shin Godzilla (2016). The crew digs into new discoveries and rewatches, as well as recent horror releases — including a review of Michael Dougherty’s Godzilla: King Of The Monsters (2019) — before literal embodiments of nuclear proliferation and radioactive contamination rise out of the sea to deliver their wrath upon the land.Read More »

Dead Ringers Off-Topic: The Big Red HELLBOY Special

Hellboy 1

On this Off-Topic episode, Nolan is joined by Emily von Seele — as well as special guests Sam Van Haren from Talk Film Society (and its Keanu Believe It podcast) and Ryan Douglas from the Uncanny Nerdverse podcast — to discuss Guillermo del Toro’s Hellboy (2004) and Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008), as well as reviewing the Hellboy (2019) reboot from Neil Marshall and comparing how different filmmakers adapt the source material. With Mike Mignola’s comic and Guillermo del Toro’s first film both celebrating major anniversaries this year (25th and 15th, respectively), there’s no better time to dive into all things Hellboy.

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Forgive and Forget: The Exploration of Guilt in STARFISH

By: Emily von Seele

Starfish 2

I caught Starfish at Fantastic Fest last year and it was one of the most uniquely beautiful films that I saw. Writer/director A.T White explores grief, loss, depression, and guilt in a way that pulls viewers into the headspace and soulspace of Aubrey (Virginia Gardner) — a young woman who has recently lost both a friend and a partner and is struggling to make sense of her emotions.

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Dead Ringers Episode 29: STARRY EYES + THE NEON DEMON

Nolan is joined by Emily von Seele, Kat Adams, and Thomas Foster to discuss Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer’s Starry Eyes (2014) and Nicolas Winding Refn’s The Neon Demon (2016). The crew catches up on new discoveries and rewatches, as well as recent horror releases — including a review of Kölsch and Widmyer’s re-adaptation of Stephen King’s Pet Sematary (2019) — before heading to Hollywood and losing themselves to their own monstrous ambitions.

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Interview: Writer/Director Joe Badon on Horror, Indie Filmmaking, Kickstarter, and SISTER TEMPEST

By: Paul Farrell

Joe Badon Avatar (variant)

Last year, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to review Joe Badon’s fascinating debut, The God Inside My Ear (now available on Blu-ray), as part of the Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival‘s lineup. It concerns Elizia, a woman whose entire world is thrown into chaos after her boyfriend leaves her to join a religious cult. The film is impressive on multiple levels, moving fluidly between the grounded psychological quirkiness of an independent, dramatic horror picture and the more cosmic, existential concerns typically embedded within epic science fiction. It makes for a movie just as capable of comic irreverence as it is deeply felt solemnity (read my full review here).

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