Fantastic Fest 2022 Begins!

By: Ben & Nolan McBride

Fantastic Fest 2022 kicks off today! Dead Ringers is making its return to the largest genre festival in North America. Four of us — Nolan, Ben, Emily, and Kat — will be at the festival this year, and we’ll be sharing our thoughts on all the movies we see on a special series of podcast episodes releasing throughout the festival. Until then, check out some of the films we’re most excited to see this year!

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By: Paul Farrell

Knives Out

As the final frames of the last movie flickered into blackness, I knew the end had come. No more screening slots to agonize over, no more seating assignments to lament, no more festival volunteers to high-five — Fantastic Fest 2019 was no more. But in those final hours, there was still celebration; movies to watch, love, and share with the world. That’s when an epiphany hit me. For if we keep talking about it, Fantastic Fest will never truly end, only live on in the hearts, minds, and souls of movie fans everywhere, for all time. And thanks to a particularly great lineup of films on the final day, I’ve still got plenty to say.

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