Dead Ringers Episode 35: AS ABOVE, SO BELOW + BLAIR WITCH (2016)

Nolan is joined by Kat AdamsEmily von Seele, and Philip Yount to discuss John Erick Dowdle’s As Above, So Below (2014) and Adam Wingard’s Blair Witch (2016). The crew share their thoughts on new discoveries and rewatches, as well as recent horror releases — including a review of Mike Flanagan’s Doctor Sleep (2019) (**Spoilers from 7:25 – 11:25**) — before the unresolved baggage from a lost family member spurs the group on a dangerous adventure into a forbidden zone (which is documented on video, of course).

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The Dangers of Life Online in UNFRIENDED (2015)

By: Nolan McBride

Unfriended 1

When Unfriended arrived in 2015,  the found footage subgenre was already on the decline, having saturated the market for the previous five or six years following the success of movies like Paranormal Activity. The format, it seemed, was wearing thin, prone to being too formulaic and one-note (though, to this day, I’ll still give most of them a shot). The movie reviewed well and grossed a ton of money relative to its meager budget ($1 million), but it seemed to exit the conversation just as quickly as it had arrived.

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