Nolan is joined by Kat AdamsPhilip Yount, and Thomas Foster to discuss Drew Goddard’s The Cabin In The Woods (2012) and Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead’s Resolution (2012). Thomas shares his personal horror movie recommendation and everyone discusses what new horror they’ve been keeping up with before the group takes a weekend trip to the woods with this double feature about derelict cabins that demand more than the usual upkeep.

As will always be the case with this show, be warned that there are spoilers aplenty. If you want to watch the movies before listening to the show, there are a couple of ways you can do so. The Cabin In The Woods is available to rent via VOD from Amazon, YouTube, VUDU, iTunes, and Google Play (and the Blu-ray is available for cheap from Amazon too) and Resolution is available to stream on Shudder.

Other movies discussed on this episode: Black Christmas (1974) (Shudder or Showtime), Coherence (2013) (Shudder), They Look Like People (2015) (Netflix), The Silenced (2015) (Netflix), The Wailing (2016) (Netflix), Train To Busan (2016) (Netflix), Raw (2016) (Netflix), Flatliners (2017), The Mummy (2017) (VOD — AmazonYouTube, VUDU, iTunes, Google Play).

Download the episode here. (104 MB)

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