Dead Ringers Episode 12: PRINCE OF DARKNESS + THE VOID

Nolan is joined by Philip YountThomas Foster, and Paul Farrell to discuss John Carpenter’s Prince Of Darkness (1987) and Jeremy Gillespie & Steven Kostanski’s The Void (2017). The group recounts recent horror discoveries before the podcast studio is surrounded by ominous figures and the co-hosts are forced to bear witness to the birth of an ancient, cosmic evil.

Other movies discussed on this episode: The Autopsy Of Jane Doe (2016) (Showtime or Blu-ray via Scream Factory or Amazon), The Descent (2005) (Netflix, Shudder, or Showtime), The Deadly Spawn (1983) (DVD via Amazon), Tragedy Girls (2017) (Blu-ray via Amazon), Gothic (1987) (Tubi TV or Blu-ray via Amazon), Mom And Dad (2018) (VOD — AmazonYouTube, VUDU, iTunes, Google Play), Miracle Mile (1989) (Blu-ray via Kino Lorber or Amazon or VOD — Amazon, iTunes), Annihilation (2018) (Netflix) (non-US only currently), Jacob’s Ladder (1990) (Tubi TV), Lord Of Illusions (1995) (Tubi TV or Blu-ray via Scream Factory or Amazon).

As will always be the case with this show, be aware that our discussion contains spoilers. If you want to watch the movies before listening to the show, there are a couple of ways you can do so. Prince Of Darkness is available to stream on Starz or rent via VOD from Amazon, YouTube, VUDU, iTunes, and Google Play. The Void is available to stream on Netflix.


Download the episode here. (119 MB)

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