[North Bend Film Fest] EXTRA ORDINARY Review: Supernatural Comedy Ghosts For It

By: Emily von Seele

Extra Ordinary

Written and directed by Mike Ahern and Edna Loughman, Extra Ordinary is a madcap comedy that puts the super in supernatural (see what I did there?). It tells the story of Rose (Maeve Higgins), a woman with the ability to speak with the dead. As a child, she worked with her similarly gifted father, putting spirits to rest and giving the living peace of mind. That is, until an unfortunate accident killed him on the job.

Now an adult, Rose refuses to use her gifts because she believes them to be too dangerous. Her quiet life operating a one-woman driving school in her small Irish community is interrupted when American singer and former superstar (now a total douchebag) Christian Winter (Will Forte) sets up a virgin sacrifice in an attempt to resurrect his flatlining career through a deal with the devil. Christian selects a local teenager and puts her into a psychic trance while he waits for the Blood Moon to rise so that he can complete his ritual. Rose reluctantly teams up with the girl’s father, Martin (Barry Ward), to stop the curse.

The film is a lot of fun and makes great use of the supernatural premise. From ghosts haunting garbage cans to jealous dead wives to animal spirits possessing human hosts — this is the type of comedy that will throw anything and everything at the wall just to see what sticks. Some of the jokes land and others just kind of thud, but the fun thing about this kind of movie is that is never stops. When something doesn’t work, the film just keeps rolling along and the next gag is hilarious. It really demonstrates confidence on the part of the cast and the filmmakers. They’re never afraid to just go for it. And if you were ever curious as to just how disgusting ectoplasm can be, look no further.

The cast is wonderful. Forte shines in the role of Christian, a man equally insecure and yet driven by just the right amount of arrogance that only fame can provide. Higgins and Ward pair well together, both as comedic foils and as romantic leads (yes, of course they fall for each other!).

Though it doesn’t really break any new ground, Extra Ordinary is a fun and ghostly comedic romp that offers some hilarious moments.

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