Dead Ringers Episode 18: DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK + MAMA

Nolan is joined by Emily von SeeleBen McBrideKat Adams, and Philip Yount to discuss Troy Nixey’s Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark (2010) and Andy Muschietti’s Mama (2013). The group catches up on recent horror viewings before fairy tale monsters ensnare  them for their own dark and unnatural machinations.

Other movies discussed on this episode: The Vanishing (1988) (VOD — Amazon, iTunes), Unearthed & Untold: The Path To Pet Sematary (2017) (Shudder), Witch-Hunt (2017) (Amazon Prime), Tau (2018) (Netflix), Sinister (2012) (VOD — Amazon, YouTube, VUDU, iTunes, Google Play), The Strangers (2008) (VOD — Amazon, YouTube, VUDU, iTunes, Google Play), The Strangers: Prey At Night (2018) (VOD — Amazon, YouTube, VUDU, iTunes, Google Play), Revenge (2018) (VOD — AmazonYouTube, VUDU, iTunes, Google Play), Event Horizon (1997) (Hulu, Amazon Prime), Blood Diner (1987) (Blu-ray via Amazon), The First Purge (2018).

As will always be the case with this show, be aware that our discussion contains spoilers. If you want to watch the movies before listening to the show, there are a couple of ways you can do so. Both Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark and Mama are available for purchase on Blu-ray as well as being available to rent via video-on-demand at Amazon, YouTube, VUDU, iTunes, and Google Play.


Download the episode here. (116 MB)

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Links of interest and/or sources cited for research on this episode:

MAMA Short Film with intro from Guillermo del Toro (YouTube)

Episode 61. Stardust: Event Horizon (1997) and Sunshine (2007) (Faculty of Horror) (podcast)

Episode 35: Kong Is King! (Shock Waves) (podcast)

“Double Dead Cronenberg” with special guest J. Blake Fichera Episode 18|15 (Four Brains One Movie) (podcast)

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