Dead Ringers Off-Topic: Fantastic Fest 2022 – Days 3 & 4 feat. SICK, LIVING WITH CHUCKY, BONES AND ALL, SOMETHING IN THE DIRT

On this Off-Topic episode, Nolan is joined by Ben McBride and Emily von Seele to talk about the movies they saw on the third and fourth days of Fantastic Fest 2022.

Movies discussed on this episode: Evil Eye (2022), Gamera Vs. Zigra (1971) (Prime Video, Tubi), Leonor Will Never Die (2022), Mister Organ (2022), The Banshees Of Inisherin (2022), Sick (2022), Decision To Leave (2022), Living With Chucky (2022), Bones And All (2022), Werewolf By Night (2022) (Disney+), Something In The Dirt (2022).

Download the episode here. (69 MB)

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Links of interest and/or sources cited for research for this episode:

Fantastic Fest 2022 Review Round-Up: EVIL EYE and MISTER ORGAN by Emily von Seele (Daily Dead)

Fantastic Fest 2022 Review: LIVING WITH CHUCKY is a Beautiful Window into the CHILD’S PLAY Family by Emily von Seele (Daily Dead)

Fantastic Fest 2022 Review: DEEP FEAR is a Suffocating, Unnerving Journey Into the Paris Catacombs by Michelle Swope (Daily Dead)

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