Dead Ringers Episode 58: THEY LIVE + SOCIETY

Nolan is joined by Emily von Seele, Paul Farrell, Philip Yount, and Ben McBride to discuss John Carpenter’s They Live (1988) and Brian Yuzna’s Society (1989). The crew dive into new discoveries, rewatches, and recent releases before uncovering a gooey conspiracy that threatens all of humanity.

Other movies discussed on this episode: Barbarian (2022), Glorious (2022) (Shudder), The Crazies (1973) (Tubi), Videodrome (1983) (Peacock), Evil Dead (2013) (VOD), Orphan (2009) (Paramount+), Orphan: First Kill (2022) (Paramount+), Jaws (1975) (VOD), Hellraiser (1987) (Prime Video), Hellbound: Hellraiser II (1988) (Prime Video), Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth (1992) (Cinemax), Hellraiser: Bloodline (1996) (Cinemax), Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight (1995) (Peacock), Tales From The Crypt: Bordello Of Blood (1996) (Peacock), Death Becomes Her (1992) (Showtime, Paramount+), I’m Dangerous Tonight (1990) (Blu-ray), Who Invited Them (2022) (Shudder), No Exit (2022) (Hulu), Black Death (2010) (Hulu).

As will always be the case with this show, please be aware that our discussion contains spoilers. If you want to watch the movies before listening to the show, there are a couple of ways you can do so. They Live is available to stream on Peacock and Society is available to stream on Shudder, as well as being available to rent or purchase via VOD or Blu-ray/DVD.

Download the episode here. (185 MB)

Dead Ringers is available on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play, and TuneIn. Please make sure to subscribe, rate, and review if you enjoy the show!

Links of interest and/or sources cited for research on this episode:

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Fantastic Fest 2022 Review: David Bruckner’s HELLRAISER Builds Upon Clive Barker’s World in Horrifyingly Beautiful Ways by Emily von Seele (Daily Dead)

SWALLOWED Review: An Incredible Queer Body Horror Film You Won’t Soon Forget by Emily von Seele (Dead Ringers)

[North Bend Film Fest] NEXT EXIT Review: A Beautiful Story of Humanity in the Face of Uncertainty by Emily von Seele (Dead Ringers)

‘The Werewolf of Fever Swamp’ – One of the Best ‘Goosebumps’ Stories on Page and Screen [Viewer Beware] by Paul Farrell (Bloody Disgusting)

‘Disney’s Halloween Treat’ – 40 Years of Disney’s Spooky Halloween Special by Paul Farrell (Bloody Disgusting)

Knight Philtorias (Twitch)

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