Dead Ringers Off-Topic: Talking Movie Monsters with MONSTERS, MAKEUP & EFFECTS 2 Author Heather Wixson

On this Off-Topic episode, Nolan is joined by Emily von SeeleBen McBride, and Paul Farrell — as well as special guest Heather Wixson from Daily Dead — to talk about her newest book, Monsters, Makeup & Effects 2: Conversations with Cinema’s Greatest Artists, and discuss some of their favorite movie monsters, as well as the people behind them.

Download the episode here. (138 MB)

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Links of interest and/or sources cited for research on this episode:

Monsters, Makeup & Effects: Volume 2 by Heather Wixson

CRAVIN’ CRAVEN 20: RED EYE (F This Movie!) (podcast)

The Hilarious Horrors of “Weird Al” Yankovic – 5 Songs for Horror Fans by Paul Farrell (Bloody Disgusting)

‘Death Becomes Her’ – 1992 Horror-Comedy’s ‘Tales from the Crypt’ Energy Still Delights 30 Years Later by Paul Farrell (Bloody Disgusting)

Review: THE HARBINGER is a Nightmare You Shouldn’t Miss by Emily von Seele (Daily Dead)

Celebrating 25 Years of the Angriest, Most Murderous Snowman in JACK FROST by Emily von Seele (Daily Dead)

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