Dead Ringers Off-Topic: Fantastic Fest 2018

Fantastic Fest Logo

On this Off-Topic episode, Nolan is joined by Emily von Seele and special guest Trace Thurman from Bloody Disgusting to discuss the many great new genre movies they caught at this year’s amazing Fantastic Fest.

Movies discussed on this episode: Level 16 (2018), The Perfection (2018), Starfish (2018), Cam (2018), Tumbbad (2018), Border (2018), Dachra (2018), Knife + Heart (2018), The Night Comes For Us (2018), May The Devil Take You (2018), Suspiria (2018), One Cut Of The Dead (2018), Terrified (2018), Halloween (2018), Piercing (2018), Overlord (2018), Apostle (2018), Under The Silver Lake (2018), Bad Times At The El Royale (2018), Climax (2018), Destroyer (2018).


Download the episode here. (74 MB)

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Links of interest and/or sources cited for research for this episode:

[Horror Queers] ‘Sorority Row’: Generic Slasher or Genius Comedy? by Trace Thurman (Bloody Disgusting)

[Fantastic Fest Review] ‘The Perfection’ Delivers Twisted, Shocking and Hilarious Perfection by Trace Thurman (Bloody Disgusting)

[Fantastic Fest Review] Greed is Not Good In the Gorgeous ‘Tumbbad’ by Trace Thurman (Bloody Disgusting)

[Fantastic Fest Review] Gay Porn Meets Giallo Slasher in Moody ‘Knife + Heart’ by Trace Thurman (Bloody Disgusting)

[Fantastic Fest Review] ‘Overlord’ is a Solid Film That Fails to Take Advantage of Its Outlandish Premise by Trace Thurman (Bloody Disgusting)

[Fantastic Fest Review] ‘Christine’ Takes to the High Seas in Claustrophobic ‘The Boat’ by Trace Thurman (Bloody Disgusting)

[Fantastic Fest Review] ‘You Might Be the Killer’ Runs Its Only Joke Into the Ground by Trace Thurman (Bloody Disgusting)

[Fantastic Fest] LEVEL 16 Review: Friendship in Darkness by Emily von Seele (Dead Ringers)

[Fantastic Fest] Review Round-Up: HALLOWEEN (2018), THE PERFECTION, BORDER by Nolan McBride (Dead Ringers)

[Fantastic Fest] Interview: Director Maria Pulera on BETWEEN WORLDS by Nolan McBride (Dead Ringers)

[North Bend Film Fest] PIERCING Review: The Best Laid Plans of Murderous Men by Emily von Seele (Dead Ringers)

House Of Leaves Publishing (website)

Scared Sacred: Idolatry, Religion and Worship in the Horror Film (Indiegogo)

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