Dead Ringers Off-Topic: A Brief Tour of Corman’s World

Corman's World - Exploits Of A Hollywood Rebel - 2011

On this Off-Topic episode, Paul takes the reins and is joined by Ben McBride and Philip Yount — as well as special guest Jason “Jinx” Jenkins from Scream Addictsto discuss the staggering filmography of legendary producer/director Roger Corman and his impact on horror/sci-fi cinema through a selection of their favorite (or new favorite) Corman flicks.

Movies discussed on this episode: Corman’s World: Exploits Of A Hollywood Rebel (2011) (VOD), House Of Usher (1960) (VOD), The Raven (1963) (Amazon Prime), Battle Beyond The Stars (1980) (Amazon Prime), A Bucket Of Blood (1959) (Amazon Prime), The Pit And The Pendulum (1961) (Tubi TV), Piranha (1978) (Amazon Prime, Tubi TV), Forbidden World (1982) (Amazon Prime), X: The Man With The X-Ray Eyes (1963) (Amazon Prime), The Masque Of The Red Death (1964) (VOD), Humanoids From The Deep (1980) (Amazon Prime), Galaxy Of Terror (1981) (Amazon Prime), Tales Of Terror (1962) (VOD).


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Links of interest and/or sources cited for research for this episode:

Back in 1993, Clive Barker Put His Unique Twist on George Romero With ‘Night of the Living Dead: London’ by Jason Jenkins (Bloody Disgusting)

The Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards (Vote by 4/20!)

Drenched in Blood: Exploring the Vampires of Waxwork (1988) by Paul Farrell (Scriptophobic)

All Hell Breaks Loose: The Monster Massacre of The Cabin in the Woods (2011) by Paul Farrell (Scriptophobic)

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